Our goal is provide our clients with the best experience and quality of work that they will ever experience from a professional studio.


High-End Music Mastering

  • We specialize in providing high quality music mastering services to artists across the world. Our studio design, excellent mastering and producing equipment, and experience allow us to provide outstanding audio mastering and production services at affordable rates.
  • Our team is dedicated to giving you the utmost professional experience in or out of the studio.  Our staff will stay in contact with you through your whole project with us.
  • We offer free mastering samples for new artists, this allows you to hear a few of your songs professional mastered and to ensure you that you will be receiving a top quality complete product as the end.
Mastering Music Correctly
  • Professional equipment and an experienced engineer are crucial when mixing or mastering music, however, what truly gives music its heart is creativity and soul.  That’s why we’ve put so much effort into creating a studio workflow that allows and inspires the creative process.  We provide hassle and stress free communication which allows each artist to focus on creating the sound they want.  
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Mastering?  In short mastering is the final preparation of a song or group of songs before they are released to the public.
  • What Will My Songs Sound Like After They Are Mastered?  Every artist’s songs will sound different, but we will master one of your songs for no charge so you can hear for yourself.
  • Can You Master An MP3?  Yes. We can master from an mp3, however we recommend using .wave or .aif files as the resolution is usually much better.  If you only have access to mp3 versions we can still achieve good results, but you will get a better final master using high quality .wav or .aif files.